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Group's Momentum : REIT - DIVERSIFIED
Today's Momentum
Up 1
Down 4   
Unchange 0
Average -0.08%
Historial Performances
5 Days2.56%
1 Month3.76%
3 Months2.54%
6 Months5.09%
52 Weeks16.81%
News And Links For The Group (Contribute a link)
[NLY]   Invesco Mortgage Capital Trading At A 30% Premium When It Arguably Should Trade At A 20% Discount  (Seeking Alpha)   25-Jun-20 08:00
[NLY, CIM]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - Jane's May Update: Following The Gameplan  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Jun-20 17:47
[CMO, NLY, CIM]   Recovery Stocks On The Launching Pad  (Seeking Alpha)   15-Jun-20 08:14
[NLY]   Retirement: The Near-Perfect Portfolio Revisited  (Seeking Alpha)   14-Jun-20 09:14
[NLY]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - Jane's April Update: Looking More Like A Return To Normalcy  (Seeking Alpha)   31-May-20 12:39
[NLY]   How To Retire: Master Your Fear  (Seeking Alpha)   29-May-20 15:02
[NLY]   Crafting A Recovery Portfolio - For Those Who Have Missed The Rally  (Seeking Alpha)   22-May-20 10:17
[NLY]   Whether The The Great Reach For Yield Experiment Has Failed  (Seeking Alpha)   18-May-20 07:30
[NLY]   Retirement: 10 Recession-Proof DGI Stocks (Almost)  (Seeking Alpha)   16-May-20 09:31
[NLY]   How To Retire: Stop Talking About AT&T  (Seeking Alpha)   13-May-20 07:00
[NLY]   How To Recognize A Bear Market Bottom  (Seeking Alpha)   8-May-20 14:00
[VNO]   I'm A Time Traveller From The Future Bearing Important News On The U.S. Economy  (Seeking Alpha)   7-May-20 10:39
[VNO]   Office Properties Income Trust's Dividend Is Attractive, But High Leverage And Poor Track Record Is Concerning  (Seeking Alpha)   24-Apr-20 13:50
[NLY]   The Retiree's Dividend Portfolio - Jane's March Update: Don't Forget The Preferreds  (Seeking Alpha)   22-Apr-20 09:42
[CIM, MFA, NLY, CMO]   How To Retire: It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)  (Seeking Alpha)   21-Apr-20 07:01
[NLY]   Buy Annaly Capital Management  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Apr-20 17:47
[NLY]   How To Retire: Start Your Retirement During A Pandemic  (Seeking Alpha)   17-Apr-20 16:49
[NLY]   A Near-Perfect Portfolio - Part 2  (Seeking Alpha)   11-Apr-20 09:30
[NLY]   Annaly Preferred D Is Poised To Rebound  (Seeking Alpha)   8-Apr-20 12:00
[NLY]   How To Retire: New Normal Same As The Old Normal  (Seeking Alpha)   6-Apr-20 08:00
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Daily Top/Bottom Performancers
symbol last  change  % change
VNO 74.86 2.48 +3.43%
CIM 18.30 0.03 -0.16%
NLY 11.465 0.095 -0.82%
MFA 8.24 0.12 -1.44%
CMO 8.82 0.13 -1.45%
Latest Group's Insider Trading
Ticker Tran Shares Price Reported
NLY buy 200,000 $5.96 15-May-20 16:58
NLY buy 12,500 $5.92 12-May-20 20:07
CMO buy 10,000 $4.95 6-May-20 16:05
CMO buy 13,500 $9.50 6-May-20 16:05
CMO buy 15,000 $4.81 6-May-20 16:05
CMO buy 10,000 $4.85 6-May-20 16:05
NLY buy 100,000 $6.03 4-May-20 18:02
NLY buy 20,000 $5.99 4-May-20 18:03
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Real-time SEC Filings For the Group
symbol Filing Type Filing Time
NLY41-Jul-20 16:55
NLY41-Jul-20 16:52
NLY41-Jul-20 16:49
NLY41-Jul-20 16:46
NLY8-K1-Jul-20 07:20
MFA8-K30-Jun-20 17:00
MFA11-K26-Jun-20 10:00
MFA10-Q22-Jun-20 16:32
MFA8-K12-Jun-20 17:02
CIM8-K10-Jun-20 16:52
CIM8-K10-Jun-20 16:19
NLY8-K10-Jun-20 16:17
CIM43-Jun-20 16:37
MFA8-K3-Jun-20 16:31
CIM43-Jun-20 16:22
CIM43-Jun-20 16:21
CIM43-Jun-20 16:18
CIM43-Jun-20 16:18
VNO428-May-20 16:32
CIMDEFA14A22-May-20 16:13
Earning Calendar Summary
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